Libertone S.r.l. - Precision engineering company in San Salvo (Ch), Abruzzo

Libertone S.r.l.

Libertone S.r.l. has operated for more than half a century in the sector of precision machining, taking care of manufacturing equipment and special items, mechanical machining by design or by sample on behalf of third parties. We operate primarily in the precision mechanics sector and are specialized in the construction of equipment, control calibrations for high technology machine tools, testing and assembly benches and special machines at the request of the customer (turnkey provision), machining in CNC series, surface treatments such as electrolytic galvanizing, burnishing and induction tempering. Our company uses the MRP system for the control of all the production cycle (control of the warehouse, raw materials, the finished product and managing clients and suppliers). The desire to grow and to improve has led us, over the years, to invest either in the productive processes or in the company organization using, on one hand new technologies and, on the other, qualified and motivated human resources.

360 degree service

Our organizational structure allows us to perform and plan the continual improvement of all of the company processes, in order to meet the requirements of the customer. These objectives are divided in the following phases:

  • Feasibility study and market research
  • Design and/ or definition and execution of the product
  • Supply
  • Development of the production process
  • Production
  • Tests, checks and inspections
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Technical assistance to the customer.

Libertone S.r.l. is specialized in precision machining and is located in the industrial district of San Salvo, in viale M. Bellisario, and has operated since 1960. Our constant attention to our clients and continuous study of new research and technologies, have allowed us to reach results that qualify us today as a cutting-edge company expanding its market throughout the European and national territory.

Always attentive to the continual evolution of research and technology, we have a modern and flexible structure, able to offer excellent services: a company able to perform all mechanical machining, state of the art diagnostics, equipped with top level technologies and personnel always attentive and available for the clients’ needs.

Thanks to the technology available to us, we are able to create, entirely within our facilities, individual lathed, milled, ground, broached, tempered and passivated pieces without using external facilities. This allows us to have on the individual items:

  • continual quality control in every phase of work;
  • reduction of the lead-time;
  • improvement of the programing on all work cycles;
  • possibility of prompt intervention on the production cycle to add any modifications, without having to finalize the lot.
Study and Design facilities and industrial machines in San Salvo
Study and Design

We study and design solutions for every specific requirement with CAD-CAM technology

CNC Mechanics workshop
Development and Execution

We study and research materials and technologies needed for execution in the workshop

Post-sales assistance
Post-sales assistance

In addition to execution, we provide post-sales assistance on the individual items and/ or machines made

Producing individual items

The company is specialized in the construction of equipment, control calibrations for machine tooling, testing and assembly benches and design, assembly and installation of prototypes, equipment and special machines using the customer’s design.

Control is quality

The inspection of the tooled pieces is carried out with high-precision measurement instruments. For our monitoring, in fact, we have a state-of-the-art metrological room equipped with instruments for control of the machining and materials.


Libertone is quality

The company has long recognized the importance of establishing and maintaining a quality system to ensure that the manufactured products comply fully with the contractual prescriptions and provide a real guarantee on the performance of all activities of production, control, inspection, supply and documentation.

Thus, in October 2001 Libertone S.r.l. was certified ISO 9001

Our quality policy:

  • client satisfaction
  • compliance with the regulations in effect
  • prevention of problems
  • continual improvement of processes
precision mechanics workshop in Abruzzo certified ISO 9001:2000


The Libertone S.r.l. is specialized in mechanical machining by design with numeric control machines. The variety of the machines and the flexibility allow the company to manage machining in small, medium and large series, including prototyping.